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JavaScript Coding Problems

As a Front-End developer, JavaScript is the core skill of everything.
We have 170+ JavaScript coding problems for you.
Some are from real Front-End interview reports online,
some are originally created by

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CSS Problems

JavaScript skill is important, so is CSS skill.
You don't need to remember everything, but it is super useful to get familiar with common patterns. is preparing these patterns for you to practice.

Try CSS coding problems on

Front-End Interview Questions

Besides coding problems, there might be a lot of questions being asked in Front-End interviews.
We are curating over 170+ commonly asked Front-End interview questions.
Some are knowledge questions, some are behavioral.

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Front-End System/Product Design Problems

We know it is hard to pass System Design/Product Design interviews.
So we listed up the classic Front-End Sytem Design and Product design problems for you
Now you just need to practice by yourself

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We love TypeScript/JavaScript puzzles.

Come have a try at TypeScript Type Challenges and JavaScript Puzzles.
They are maybe not helpful, but fun to know.

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