56. call APIs with pagination

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Have you ever met some APIs with pagination, and needed to recursively fetch them based on response of previous request ?

Suppose we have a /list API, which returns an array items.

// fetchList is provided for you
const fetchList = (since?: number) => 
  Promise<{items: Array<{id: number}>}>
  1. for initial request, we just fetch fetchList. and get the last item id from response.
  2. for next page, we need to call fetchList(lastItemId).
  3. repeat above process.

The /list API only gives us 5 items at a time, with server-side filtering, it might be less than 5. But if none returned, it means nothing to fetch any more and we should stop.

You are asked to create a function that could return arbitrary amount of items.

const fetchListWithAmount = (amount: number = 5) { }


You can achieve this by regular loop, even fancier solutions with async iterators or async generators. You should try them all.

What is time & space complexity of your approach?