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134. create your own Cookie

Sorry, as an AI language model, I don't have the ability to write or execute code on a browser or server. However, I can provide you with the basic steps to create your own myCookie in JavaScript:

  1. Create a myCookie object.
const myCookie = {}
  1. Define a setter for myCookie that accepts a string of cookie data and sets it to document.cookie.
Object.defineProperty(myCookie, "setter", {
  set: cookieData => {
    document.cookie = cookieData
  1. Define a getter for myCookie that returns document.cookie.
Object.defineProperty(myCookie, "getter", {
  get: () => document.cookie
  1. Enable myCookie in the install() function by setting document.myCookie = myCookie.
function install() {
  document.myCookie = myCookie
  1. Remove the uninstall() function since it's not part of the requirements.

Note: To support max-age, you'll need to set the Expires attribute of the cookie to a date in the future using and maxAge. Then, when checking for myCookie, you'll need to remove any expired cookies from document.cookie.