54. flatten Thunk

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Suppose we have a Callback type

type Callback =   (error: Error, result: any | Thunk) => void

A Thunk is a function that take a Callback as parameter

type Thunk = (callback: Callback) => void

Like following three thunks

const func1 = (cb) => {  setTimeout(() => cb(null, 'ok'), 10)}const func2 = (cb) => {  setTimeout(() => cb(null, func1), 10)}const func3 = (cb) => {  setTimeout(() => cb(null, func2), 10)}

in above example, three functions are kind of chained up, func3 → func2 → func1, but it don't work without some glue.

OK, now you are asked to implement a flattenThunk() which glue them up and returns a new thunk.

flattenThunk(func3)((error, data) => {   console.log(data) // 'ok'})


Once error occurs, the rest uncalled functions should be skipped

Think aloud!