74. implement Observable Transformation Operators

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This is a follow-up on 57. create an Observable.

There are a lot of operators for Observable, if we think of Observable as event stream, then modifying the stream is a common task, transformation operators are useful at this.

In this problem, you are asked to implement map(), as the name indicates, it maps the value to another value thus creating a new event stream.

Here is an example.

const source = Observable.from([1,2,3])map(x => x * x)(source) // this transformer doubles numbers and create a new stream .subscribe(console.log)// 1// 4// 9

Observable has pipe() method which could make this more readable.

const source = Observable.from([1,2,3])source.pipe(map(x => x * x)) .subscribe(console.log)// 1// 4// 9

Note Observable is already given for you, no need to create it.

Bugfree ordinary solution is better than buggy fancy ones.