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132. the angle between hour hand and minute hand of a clock

Here's one possible solution using JavaScript:

function angle(time) {
  // Split time string into hours and minutes
  const [hours, minutes] = time.split(':').map(Number);

  // Calculate the angles of the hour and minute hands
  const hourAngle = (hours % 12) * 30 + minutes * 0.5;
  const minuteAngle = minutes * 6;

  // Calculate the absolute difference in angles
  const diff = Math.abs(hourAngle - minuteAngle);

  // Return the smaller angle (<=180 degrees)
  return Math.min(diff, 360 - diff);

The approach here is to calculate the angles of the hour and minute hands separately, based on the input time. The hour hand moves 30 degrees per hour (360 / 12) and 0.5 degree per minute (30 / 60), so we calculate the total hour angle as (hours % 12) * 30 + minutes * 0.5. The minute hand moves 6 degrees per minute (360 / 60), so we calculate its total angle as minutes * 6.

Once we have these two angles, we calculate their absolute difference and return the smaller angle between them (which will be less than or equal to 180 degrees).

Note that we use Math.min and 360 - diff to handle the case where the difference is greater than 180 degrees (which would mean the hour and minute hands are on opposite sides of the clock). In this case, we can subtract the difference from 360 to get the smaller angle.