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61. How to publish an NPM package

However, the general steps to publish an NPM package are:

  1. First, create and test your package locally.
  2. Make sure to have an NPM account. If you do not have one, register for one using npm adduser.
  3. Ensure that your package.json file has all the necessary information, such as name, version, and dependencies.
  4. Verify the contents by verifying that you can publish your package.
  5. version your package with NPM by running npm version command to update the version number of your package.
  6. Once you are ready, run the npm login command to authenticate with
  7. Run the npm publish command to publish your package publicly to the registry.
  8. After publishing, confirm that your package is available on the NPM registry by visiting the package URL on

Note - it is important to ensure that your package name and version number are unique to avoid conflicts with existing packages.