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78. Tell us a time you acted beyond your comfort zone.

Situation: In my previous job as a front-end developer, I was assigned to lead a project that involved integrating a complex third-party library into our web application.

Obstacles: The library was relatively new and complex, and there was no documentation available online. I had to rely on the documentation provided by the library's vendor, but it wasn't clear enough, and there was a lack of support from the vendor's team.

Actions: After evaluating the situation, I decided to break the problem down into smaller pieces and tackle each of them one at a time. I started by carefully examining the library's APIs and experimenting with various options until I could understand how it worked. I also consulted with other colleagues who had some experience with integrating similar libraries into their projects and asked for their advice.

Results: After a few weeks of hard work, I was able to figure out how to integrate the library into our web application successfully. The feature was well received by our users, and it significantly improved their experience on our application. Moreover, I learned new ways of tackling complex problems, which increased my confidence and helped me grow as a developer.