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54. What is Micro Frontends? What does it try to solve?

Micro Frontends is an architectural approach that decomposes a large web application into smaller, loosely-coupled, independently deployable parts. Each part is owned and developed by a separate team, using their own technology stack, and with a clearly defined boundary that separates it from the other parts.

The main goal of Micro Frontends is to provide a scalable and maintainable architecture for large web applications, avoiding the spaghetti code that can result from having multiple teams working on the same codebase. By dividing the application into smaller parts, teams can work independently, which leads to faster development and deployment times, better code quality, and improved performance.

Micro Frontends also promotes better collaboration between teams, as each team can focus on their area of expertise, without having to worry about how their code will impact other parts of the application. This improves the overall development experience, as each team can work in their own domain without being blocked or slowed down by other teams.

Overall, Micro Frontends is a way to make large front-end projects more manageable, by breaking them down into smaller, self-contained parts that can be developed and deployed independently.