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101. What is that your team upset you the most?

Situation: In the past, my team had a tendency to prioritize their individual goals over the team's goals, which created a lot of tension and slowed down progress.

Obstacles: It was difficult to get everyone on the same page and working towards the same goals, as there was a lack of leadership and clear communication within the team.

Actions: I recognized the problem and decided to take the lead in creating a more cohesive team culture. I organized team meetings to discuss our common goals and developed a plan for how we could work together more efficiently. I also made sure to give praise and recognition to team members who were making an effort to collaborate and contribute to the team.

Result: After implementing these changes, our team saw a significant improvement in our overall productivity and morale. We became more effective at achieving our goals and our team started functioning more like a unified group rather than a collection of individuals. This experience taught me the importance of being proactive when facing challenges within a team and taking the initiative to create positive changes.