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125. please explain the 3rd parameter of EventTarget.addEventListener()

The 3rd parameter of EventTarget.addEventListener() is an optional parameter that can be a Boolean or an Object. It specifies options for the event listener.

If it is a Boolean value of true, it indicates that the event listener should be registered as a capture listener, which means that the event will be handled during the capturing phase instead of the bubbling phase.

If it is an object, you can specify the following properties: capture, which is a Boolean that indicates whether to register the listener as a capture listener or a bubbling listener (false by default), once, which is a Boolean that indicates whether the listener should be invoked only once (false by default), passive, which is a Boolean that indicates whether the listener will never call preventDefault() (false by default), and signal, which is an AbortSignal object that allows the listener to be aborted (null by default).

Overall, the 3rd parameter enables you to have fine-grained control over how the event listener is registered and handled.