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128. setTimeout IV

The code below will output the following:

5 4 1 3 2


  • The initial console.log(5) will output 5.
  • setTimeout(a, 0) will execute function a after a minimum of 0 milliseconds. Function a includes a console.log(1) statement, followed by the block() function which will run for approximately 1000 milliseconds, then it has two setTimeout functions for console.log(2) and console.log(3) with delays of 0 and 1 millisecond respectively.
  • setTimeout(b, 500) will execute function b after a minimum of 500 milliseconds. Function b includes a console.log(4) statement.
  • Since function b has a timeout of 500 milliseconds, it will be executed after function a which has a timeout of 0 milliseconds. So, the order of outputs will be 5 (from initial console.log(5)), 4 (from console.log(4) in function b), 1 (from console.log(1) in function a), 3 (from console.log(3) in function a due to the timeout of 1 millisecond), and finally 2 (from console.log(2) in function a due to the timeout of 0 milliseconds).