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8. Suspense 2

The code will output the following by console.log:



  • First, the component App is rendered and logs "App" to the console.
  • App contains two components wrapped in a Suspense component, A and B.
  • When App is rendered, A is also rendered, and A calls resource.get(). Since status is initially "pending", resource.get() sets status to "fetching" and throws fetcher.
  • The Suspense component catches the promise thrown by resource.get() and renders the Fallback component, logging "fallback" to the console.
  • After 100ms, the setTimeout in resource.get() resolves the promise and sets data to 1 and status to "ready", causing A to re-render and log "A2" and render a <p> tag with "1".
  • B is then rendered and logs "B" to the console.