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36. implement LargerThan<A, B>

Here is one possible solution:

type LargerThan<A extends number, B extends number> = A extends B ? false : (
  B extends A ? true : LargerThan<A extends 0 ? 0 : A-1, B extends 0 ? 0 : B-1>


  • The type LargerThan<A, B> compares two non-negative integers A and B.
  • If A is equal to B, then the result is false.
  • If B is smaller than A, then the result is true.
  • Otherwise, we recursively call LargerThan with A-1 and B-1.


  • We need to handle the special case when A or B is zero, because TypeScript does not support negative numeric types.
  • This solution uses recursion, which may not be the most efficient way to solve the problem. However, for small values of A and B, it should work fine.