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83. create an interval

One possible implementation of mySetInterval and myClearInterval functions is:

let count = 0let intervalID = nullconst mySetInterval = (func, delay, period) => {  let execTime = + delay  let intervalFunc = () => {    func()    count++    let nextExecTime = execTime + period * count    let diff = nextExecTime -    execTime = nextExecTime    intervalID = setTimeout(intervalFunc, diff)  }  intervalID = setTimeout(intervalFunc, delay)  return intervalID}const myClearInterval = (intervalID) => {  clearTimeout(intervalID)  count = 0}

The implementation keeps track of the number of times func is executed using count. After each execution, it calculates the next execution time based on the linear function period = a + b * count. The resulting delay is passed to setTimeout, which schedules the next execution.

The myClearInterval function simply clears the timeout and resets the count.

The provided test code verifies the correct operation of the functions by simulating the execution of the interval and checking the expected call times.